A Walk at Mall Road – Shimla

In the pristine land of Himachal Pradesh, lies a hill station known as Shimla. Shimla is world famous, quiet rightly so because of the audacious hills, the beauty and the exquisite scenery all around. But there is one special place in Shimla which adds even more to the already coveted place. Mall road is the special place where one can experience the best shopping experience and enjoy the beauty of nature at the same time. Evidently, sight seeing on holidays never tire anyone’s eyes or the body – but having a totally different dimension like shopping in between, provides a person with so much more to look forward to. Mall road in Shimla is one such Place.

Mall Road is the best spot in Shimla to have a walk in the evening. Two different but parallel roads form an area which is called as Mall area. There are a number of shops, restaurants, ATM’s on the both sides of this road. The shopping experience here is unique as here you can find the best brands around the world and cultural artifacts/ornaments at the same place.

Mall Road, Shimla

Mall Road, Shimla

The lower road linking the Mall area is called lakkar baazar. On an end the roads cease to stay parallel and meet at a junction, which is famously known as the Scandal point. Also around the mall area, are statues of some famous personalities from Indian polity like Indira Gandhi, Lala Lajput Rai and Mahatama Gandhi.

The Scandal point has its own story behind the name, it is believed that the prince of Patiala and daughter of the then Viceroy had an affair. Scandal point served as the gossip ground for the famous love story and still serves the same purpose as people gather there to gossip about various things.

How to reach mall road?

There are lifts that take you from the church end of the road to the Mall area. The lift charges you as nominal as 10 rupees and it takes right into the market of the Mall Road.

All in all, Mall Road at Shimla is one place you can not miss upon. The time spent here quite often goes down as a memory of a lifetime.


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