Most Luxurious Spas in Shimla Resort

There are several different places in India which practice Ayurveda for curing different types of diseases. This has resulted in India becoming a perfect destination for people who look for wellness through spiritual means. One such means is Spa. And when it comes to Spa, people from different corners of the country and world come to Shimla making this capital city of Himachal Pradesh, one of the hottest destination for wellness tour.

Shimla is a hub of day spas, ayurvedic spas, and medical spas which carry out therapies that were adopted in the past like acupuncture and the most recent ones like electrical massages. These spas provide aromatherapy in which they use oil along with alternative medicines that have aromatic compounds. This therapy not only keeps the body fit, calm, and clean, but also sweet-scented.

A number of spas in Shimla bst of enthralling view of the snow-capped mountains and surrounding greenery from its location. Other than massages, Spas in Shimla also provide a wide range of other services such as facials, nail care, body wraps, etc, and the popular Himalayan cedar bath. A few of the topmost Spas in Shimla include:

Wildflower Hall Spa

Located in the midst of the serene Himalayan Caravans, the spa not only offers rejuvenating treatment, but also a scenic view of the beautiful city Shimla from a height of 8,250 feet. From Ayurvedic therapies to specialty baths and then on to Yoga, the Wildflower Hall Spa offers it all.

Sublima Spa

Sublima spa provides its visitors with one of the best spa experiences in Shimla. From seaweed scrub to mud wraps, massages available at the Sublime spa will invigorate your senses, spirit, and body.

Triguna Spa

This spa is famous for offering a detoxifying and revitalizing mud therapy which purifies the skin. This therapy decreases intestinal heat and stimulates peristalsis. Other than this, the spa also offers manicure, pedicure, ream massage, back massage, and many other services.

What can be a better of way of unwinding than a relaxing Spa treatment? Come to Shimla and gift yourself with a tranquil time ahead!


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